Band/drummer                                     film, single or video

Bow Wow Wow - "Go wild in the country", "I want candy" and others. (early 80's)






Simple minds - The waterfront. (early 80's)

Classic nuvon - single. (early 80's)

Gary Numan Band - Drummer Chris Slade early 80's & mid 80's.

Uriah Heep - Drummer Chris Slade mid 80's.

Keith Moon - Used them on one (or possibly the last film of the who playing together) Channel 4, late 70's.

John Bonham - played them at the Paul McCartney super sessions Abey road studios late 70's.

Nicko McBrain - Wrote an article for Sounds music paper late 70's on staccatos played with French band trust on occasion live and did a great deal of testing in the recording studio.

Mitch Mitchell - (ex Jimi Hendrix experience) Was the first drummer to ever play staccatos live (12", 10" and 8" toms) at the Golden Lion in Fulham, London 1977.

Simon Phillips - World renowned session, drummer. bought the second bass drum made in 1977 and did a lot of studios work with his Staccato kit.

Yaz - "The only way is up" mid 80's.

Roxy music - "Angel eyes".

The Guess Who -"American women" late 80's.

The Glam metal detectives - (BBC 2 series) mid 90's. Single written by Jeff Beck, Top of the pops BBC1.

The ground hogs & Dupys rusty nuts - Mick Kirton. Mick worked at the reading factory building drums.

Osaris (South Africa metal band) - Demetri Delport

Robbie Coltrane - (The history of rock) channel 4 mid 90's

Robbie Williams - Video, "let me entertain you" 1999.

Ramstein- Video, "Amerika" 2004.

Super Furry Animals - Top of the pops, August 2005. orange and black (vintage) Staccato kit.

Pink Voyd - Top U.S. Floyd tribute band (very appropriate name) Tony Caliendo is there Drummer and avery staunch staccato fan.



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