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The very first reveiw writted by Chris Welch the renown music journalist and author. The day the paper came out Pat had a call from Pink Floyd's manager asking if Nick Mason could try them out at Britaina Row studios, London in 1977.

From then on the calls kept coming and Staccato drums went into production!

Sounds (weekly music paper) 1977.

Reveiw by Nicko McBrain, Now a legend with Iron Maiden. Pat first saw Nicko play with the Streetwalkers in 1976 and was very inpressed with his drumming style. Nicko worked with Pat on a deal with the late Keith Moon (The Who) and also did a great deal of vaulble road testing in the studio with the band Trust who he played with before joining Maiden. He found by varying the position and the type of microphone in an area in front of the exit ports of the drum shells produced very varyable sounds, noticing the sound miked at the head (normal way standard drums are miked) was alot flater than the sound coming from the front of the drum.

Musicain international c1982.

article/reveiw by Bob Henrit (legendary drummer and drum shop owner) in fact the vwery first man together with his partner in Henrits drum store, Soho, London the late Gerry Evans, to purchase the first Staccato Tom Tom's off the production-line.

Medoly Maker (weekly music paper) 1977.

Musicain international c1977.

Reveiw by Phil Collins (Genisis) before he was really famous at the time he wrote the article he was playing with Brand X Pat met him for the first time early in 1980 in the Rainbow club, Sunset strip Hollywood. He remarked at the time how cutting egde the sound of the drums really was when he played them live at Crystal Palace, London in 1978, when Brand X head-lined.

Medoly Maker (weekly music paper) 1977.

Return of Staccato man