Motorcycle racing became apart of Pats life at the age of 15. His first race was at the Kyalami Grand prix circuit in Johannesburg – South Africa, in the early 60’s. Finishing 13th out of 56 starters, made up of Italian, German and Japanese 50cc mopeds. Pat was riding his Maserati competition (production racer) a jewel of a machine built by the famous Italian car company. This bike was replaced with a 50cc Garelli road bike, which Pat converted and tuned into a race winning machine, this was his first effort at precision engineering and design. Moving up in engine capacity to 175cc Ducati, which he modified extensively, fitting a 198cc Spanish Bultaco engine into the Ducati chassis. This bike featured one of Pat early inventions, a power value type exhaust system. This idea improved the performance to such a degree that he was able to beat larger 250cc production racing Yamaha’s. his most memorable race on this machine was an international event at the Swart Kop circuit, Krugersdorp - South Africa  where Pat finished 3rd behind 2 world champions Mike Hailwood and Jim Redman.